Residential Insurance Claims

“We have you covered when a unexpected disaster strikes”

Premier Choice Exteriors (PCE) has a whole division dedicated to helping homeowners navigate the insurance process. Let PCE take the feeling of stress and being overwhelmed off your shoulders. You may not be sure you even have any storm damage to your home. If this is the case, give us a call today and PCE will provide a free inspection with one of our Home Exterior Consultants. PCE’s Home Exterior Consultants are trained to help you navigate the insurance process should there be damage, as well as helping ensure your home is restored to its pre-existing condition.

Here are the steps Premier Choice Exteriors takes to alleviate the stress from our customers following a storm that you believe may have damaged your house.

  • A PCE Consultant will meet you on site if desired to do a 360 inspection of your home.

  • If damage is identified and that damage presents a leak point in which water can infiltrate your property, your PCE Consultant will ask your permission to tarp or secure this location, leaving it watertight.

  • Following the inspection, PCE Consultant will then present you with all its findings and photos. At this point it’s your choice as to how you want to approach the repairs. You can either file a insurance claim, if applicable, or have us provide an estimate.

  • Should you choose to file an insurance claim, PCE Consultant will meet your adjuster or insurance representative on site to review the scope of loss.

  • After meeting the insurance representative at your property there is an estimate that will need to be produced. This estimate is based on damages found during the site inspection with insurance representative. Insurance companies typically write on Xactimate or Symbility software. PCE has the in-house staff that writes on both of these preferred softwares to ensure your carrier is receptive of the formatting being used. Dependent on the situation, the insurance carrier representative may produce the initial estimate, or premier may be asked to produce the initial estimate.

  • In many cases there is a short period of time needed to work on finalizing the estimate with the carrier. It is PCE’s standard to turn around all communications in less than 24 working hours. We have no control over the insurance company and their time frames. This can often times become frustrating for homeowners. We understand this and promise you that our best interest is getting your home back into suitable condition. Our experienced staff knows all the insurance processes inside out. Rest assured, PCE is always using any resource within its means to close your claim file with the carrier.

  • After scope of work has been agreed upon with your insurance carrier, PCE will ask you to look it over and make sure it meets your satisfaction.

  • Once the scope of work meets your satisfaction PCE will collect your deductible and a deposit for the work.

  • Next, PCE Consultant will begin making material selections with you.

  • PCE’s office staff will reach out regarding scheduling work / deliveries following the selections you have made.

  • Once work begins, PCE will not consider your project finished until you sign a Certificate of Satisfaction stating you are happy with the final result.