Property Management Services

Premier Choice Exteriors (PCE) has engrained itself in becoming known as the go to company for exterior projects with property managers in the DMV area. PCE is solution focused and very accustom to working with property managers and their board of directors. It is considered one of PCE’s specialties to be creative in a manner that all community board members concerns are satisfied when endeavoring into a large project.

PCE has an extensive portfolio in providing services to multi-family dwelling communities and executing their capital projects. Whether it be roofing, siding, windows, or doors, PCE has you covered. We are always happy to share our references or meet a property manager at previous project locations. The history of large scale community projects PCE has executed also allows us to leverage vendors for steep discounts, which ultimately get passed along to the communities worked within.

Many of PCE’s relationships and trust with communities begin with maintenance programs. PCE can create a specific maintenance program for your communities exterior envelope at the budget needed. Maintenance programs have been found to be a great way for communities to save money in the long term by cutting off problems before they implode.

Should a disaster strike at anytime (windstorm, hail, hurricane), PCE is experienced in working with your insurance company to help settle your claim. PCE has handled many multi-million dollar claims in the past and executed the work flawlessly, taking the undo stress off of property managers and their board of directors.

Lastly, if you manage a single family home community or townhome community PCE realizes the exterior envelope of those properties is most likely not the HOA’s responsibility to maintain. However, PCE does offer group discounts on roofs and siding to members of the same community and are happy to meet and set pricing for those community members. Should you have a pool facility or clubhouse PCE does offer the same services for those structures as it does with other multifamily dwelling.

Please see below for some photos of projects we have completed for property managers in the past.